Hello and welcome to my mushroom website. All images contained within this were taken by me and or by someone I personally know and have gotten the okay from to use their pictures. At the bottom of each image credit will be given if it was taken by another person. The text to the side of the images will be describing what the mushroom looked like in person, what it felt like, where it was growing, when it was growing, for how long, and lasting a guess on what the mushroom is. PLEASE do not take this as a guide to mushrooms though. I'm simply a hobbiest who likes mushrooms and the way they look. Whether or not I think a mushroom is or isn't edible doesn't matter, and you should never eat a fungi unless you KNOW exactly what it is. Save yourself the stomach pain and admire them with your eyes, not your mouth.

Adittionally keep in mind that each page will have 6 mushrooms on it only to keep the page from being to long. The Nav at the top will direct you to the other pages so that you can view more fungi.

Also, if you're wondering why the title is rat father it is both,
A: A joke with my friends and,
B: In reference to me. I'm the Rat Father and fungi are my rat children.
Over here is any aditional mushroom pages/side notes along with extra images that detail the mushrooms on a set page. Before that though I would like to add a sort of mushroom wishlist that shows what sort of fungi I would eventually like to see to add to this site.


This is the Photo Gallery. Every mushroom here has already been featured on the site on one of the main pages. They are here because I think it's important to provide multiple views of the same mushroom for better documentation. Additionally, I would eventually like to add a submission feature so people can share their own images and have them featured in another photo gallery. But for now everything here is still taken by me, or by the person who the main mushroom pic was taken by. This will be in order as well from the first entry to the most recent. Furthermore, if a mushroom doesn’t have any extra pictures because I forgot to take them they will hopefully be updated whenever the mushroom should come back. Please do keep in mind that I am certainly no photographer, but do try my best to take clear pictures. Minimal too little editing is done if needed at all because I want the images to reflect how the mushroom really looked even it is a little out of focus or pixely. If better images are taken, I will absolutely add them as soon as possible.